The Roadmap 2.0

If you fit into any of these catagories, the Roadmap might be for you!

  • You didn't go to college because of family circumstances, high costs, didn't qualify, or just didn't want to, but now regret not having learned a high value skill and now want to self educate from home and learn a valuable set of skills at an affordable price.

  • You wish to gain a holistic understanding of business, online marketing and automation.
  • You are an Aspiring or Experienced entrepreneur searching for the inspiration and tools you need to launch a new business of your own, or re-energise an existing business

  • You are a Motivated Professional or non-Professional perhaps looking to change direction or grow within your current organization

My name is Liam. I live in the South East of Ireland.

It was me that found you and prompted you to visit this page.


To empower people like you, with drive and ambition, who may feel held back due to not having a college education, or who want to upskill or redirect through a non college alternative. My goal is to offer a meaningful and affordable alternative to traditional college education, help you break free from low-income, unsatisfying jobs, to guide you away from the burden of student debt and towards a future of successful online entrepreneurship, by unlocking your potential and turning your aspirations into reality.

Here are the Eye Watering Financial Facts associated with getting a Degree as of January 2024 in

for example, Ireland, United Kingdom & USA

Financial Analysis of College vs The Roadmap Option

Here's what I want YOU to do......

  • PLEASE Watch the brief video below from Hannah Pippins, the creator of The Roadmap 2 Course
  • Check out the short list of Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page.
  • Send me your first name and email using the form below.
  • After you have submitted your email, you will be directed to my Information Page.
  • On the Information Page, I want you to look through the list of 28 Modules that the course covers.

  • On the Information Page, Read the testamonials from people who have done the course.
  • Think about what this Course will do for you, your ambitions, your circumstances.
  • Understand that you don't need to be finished the course to start your own business online - you create as you learn.
  • Understand that you OWN the Roadmap Course once you purchase it - It's yours to re-sell and you keep 100% of the profit. So you have a ready made product to get your onine business started!

Grab Your Free Sales Funnel Explainer on following page after you enter your email below !

Start Building an Online Business Today!

Take Action And Let The Roadmap Guide You To Success.

Comes With Master Resell Rights And A Global Support Community Of Like Minded People.


I will use your email to send you information related to the Roadmap.

I don't like spam. I won't spam you.

If you want to contact me directly with any questions or concerns that you would like addressed during your decision process, please don't hesitate to email me to:


Purchase The Roadmap before end of May 2024, and gain open access to my LJSDigitalProducts Etsy store.

Download all digital products under the value of 140USD for free.

Perfect products to kickstart your online business!

Note: The offer excludes products with Master Resell Rights.

Products are for personal use or for use within your business activities. Not for Re-sale.

The Roadmap is available directly from my Etsy shop should you wish to go that route:

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Thank you for considering becoming a part of The Roadmap 2 Community of 30K+ members.

I am here to help you along the way.

Warm wishes, Liam


How do I access the Roadmap?

After you purchase, you will get an email with the link to the course.

How soon after I purchase will I receive the Roadmap?

Immediately. You will have full access to start your training.

What does Master Resell Rights mean?

This means that you will have the right to resell the course to others using the skills you learned from the course itself. You Sell for 100% profit.

How long does it take to complete the course?

You learn at your own pace. You determine how long you need and there is no pressure to complete within a time frame. Everyone learns at different rates.

How is the training delivered in the course?

Detailed videos and supporting documentation is available throughout the course.

What happens if I need help with something in the course?

Reach out to the Roadmap community. There is a depth of knowledge there and is always avaiabe to you. Daily/Weekly video calls for the community are a standard part of the Course and available to all 24/7. You also have contact with the person you purchased the course from.

Do I need good computer skills?

No. The course walks you through step by step.

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